This Time Creating Magic at The Walt Disney Family Museum

The Rod Streater Foundation and The Walt Disney Family Museum
Host Students from Berkeley Arts Magnet School

San Francisco, CA November 23, 2015
Oakland Raiders wide receiver Rod Streater continued his “Where’s Streater?” journey with special friends from Berkeley Arts Magnet School. Being able to host a “Where’s Streater?” event at The Walt Disney Family Museum, with children who have the same passion for art, is something that Rod was really excited to experience. The students were treated to lunch at The Museum Cafe, followed by a tour of the core galleries and an animation workshop. With Rod’s love of art, illustration, digital animation, and anything “Disney,” The Walt Disney Family Museum was the perfect “Where’s Streater?” event.

Throughout the ten innovative and interactive galleries, students discovered how Walt Disney encouraged his staff to experiment with special effects to make animation more interesting and realistic, and how the resulting advancements in technology enhanced Disney animation and inspired the industry as a whole. In the Learning Center, students experimented with a Multiplane Camera, explored how depth is created in animation, and created their own digital short films. These guides and activities support an active approach to learning that allows students to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and discussion skills in addition to exploring the life, work, and legacy of Walt Disney

Photo Credit: Vic Valbuena Bareng