Charles M. Schulz Museum

AAUGH! This time with Charlie Brown, the Peanuts Gang, and Students from Roseland Leadership Academy

Santa Rosa, CA, October 26, 2015

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Rod Streater continued his “Where’s Streater?” journey with special friends from Roseland Leadership Academy. With Rod’s love of art, illustration and digital animation, visiting the Charles M. Schulz Museum and enjoying a behind the scene look at the life of the creator of the Peanuts comic strip, seemed like a perfect “Where’s Streater?” event to share with local students. Children were treated to lunch in the Warm Puppy Café, followed by a tour of the gallery. While on the tour, students saw one exhibit, of a mural composed of 3,588 Peanuts comic strips, that when they are all put together, form the iconic picture of Lucy pulling away a football from Charlie Brown. This selection of Peanuts comics strips highlights the Gang’s gridiron efforts and coincides with Super Bowl 50 coming to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016. In addition, a special exhibit is opening at the Museum December 16 – March 23 titled, “It’s Fall, It’s Football, Charlie Brown”. Rod and the students had some fun trying to kick the football, but inevitably, the football was always pulled away just like Lucy used to do to Charlie Brown.

Following the tour, students participated in a one-hour Character Creation Animation Workshop where they discovered how cartoonists and other artists come up with ideas and how to create characters. Highlights included developing their own characters and stories and then bringing the stories to life with stop-motion computer animation. Since Rod is pursuing a second degree in digital art and game animation, perhaps he is considering including his workshop creation in his portfolio.

Photos by Vic Valbuena Bareng